10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

Death Valley Junction

Photo: Mayra Wallraff

by Lulu Obermayer (Munic)


Photo: Mayra Wallraff
Photo: Mayra Wallraff
Foto: Mayra Wallraff

When Broadway dancer, choreographer and visual artist Marta Becket discovered an abandoned theater in Death Valley Junction in 1967, she ended her life on tour and opened the Amargosa Opera House in the desert, where she lived and worked until her death in 2017. In Death Valley Junction, Lulu Obermayer celebrates Marta Becket's radical artistic practice and weaves the biographies into a monologue - with the question of how art and life intertwine against all odds.

Just as Marta Becket painted her audience at the Amargosa Opera House on the wall, Lulu Obermayer plays with the audience, light and shadow and tells a story of ghosts, time and devotion. The result is a mirage in which the theater, dreams and fate become blurred. In a ghostly duet, the planetary constellations overlap and reflect on the (im)possibility of an artistic life. The performance reminds us of the potential of theater and stage as a mirror of life.

Following the performance, there will be an approximately half-hour post-show discussion where the artist can be asked questions and talk about the play (moderated by Bastian Sistig, RAMPE).


Concept, research and performance: Lulu Obermayer
Lighting design and technical direction: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Production: Dana Tucker
Hair & Make-up: Marlena Fink
Birth chart analysis: Aliza Kelly
Painting: Miguel Angel Espinoza
Video editing: Leah Marojevic
Dramaturgical support: Maciej Sado
Photos: Mayra Wallraff, Benjamin Röder

More informations about the artist here.


A production by Lulu Obermayer in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. With the kind support of MOtiVE Brooklyn, Tanzfabrik Berlin e. V. and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and funding from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.



Datum: Sonntag 28.04.2024Uhrzeit: 19:00 UhrOrt: JOiN - Junge Oper im Nord