10 Tage Freischwimmen 2024

About us

FREISCHWIMMEN + 6 TAGE FREI = 10 tage freischwimmen

On its 20th anniversary, the festival of the international production platform FREISCHWIMMEN meets the festival 6 TAGE FREI, which is 36, 20 or nine years old - depending on how you count.

For the independent theatre scene, which always works quickly and agilely to keep up with the times, often in self-developed structures, unadapted, experimental, politically on the ball and at the same time often still predominantly precariously positioned, this is a pretty proud age. And because the best way to grow older is together, this year the two festivals are combining to form a double - 10 tage freischwimmen.

As RAMPE, we have the honour and the pleasure of FREISCHWIMMEN and 6 TAGE FREI as a festival double.


has been held biennially since 2015 as a curated festival of performing arts at the RAMPE. The predecessor festival has existed since 1988 as the "Theatre Prize of the Stuttgarter Zeitung" and has been held since 2005 as the "Dance and Theatre Prize of the City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg".

RAMPE further developed 6 TAGE FREI into a performance and work festival for the independent theatre scene, in which the festival event and the exchange between artists among themselves and with the audience increasingly took centre stage.


is an international exchange and production platform for young theatre and performance groups and artists. It is supported by brut Wien, FFT Düsseldorf, Gessnerallee Zurich, HochX Munich, LOFFT - DAS THEATER Leipzig, Schwankhalle Bremen, Sophiensæle Berlin and Theater Rampe Stuttgart.

Residencies, workshop showings, guest performances and labs offer artists and groups networking opportunities. The aim is to create space for experimentation, freeing them from the pressure of expectations of quickly produced plays and facilitating long-term development work on the part of the production houses.

The FREISCHWIMMEN partner venues organise various freely curated FREISCHWIMMEN festivals.